Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kit-Kat Coma! and personal bugbear!

Well I guess it had to happen sooner or later ... I feel lousy today, my hayfever is driving me nuts, I am grumpy and bloated from impending TOTM and hungry due to that as well...  my teenage daughter is driving me mad as she is bored being on holiday from College, the 6 year old is bored as well and being difficult..

and the net result is a shocking fall off the wagon for me in the form of having eaten SEVEN 2 finger kit-kats :-(((( and several mini chocolate brownies! 

I had these extra goodies in the house for the kids and I just knew that decision was going to come back and bite me in the butt! :-(( 

The damage is that I am now 19 points in the red on day 3.... not sure if i can claw that amount back in 4 days or not ..  guess I have a challenge on my hands!  well i can, but only by using a large amount of my ap's, and I really dont know what effect that will have.. This week I might just have to find out! --- well, no one said this was going to be easy!

While I am on the subject  of clawing points back, I have another thing that is bugging me today.  As always I have been reading other blogs and various forums to see how others deal with all this fun! .. and over the last few weeks I have seen more and more of the "draw a line" type posts and its bugs the hell out of me ...

Now don't get me wrong, for special occasions, illness, holidays and the like I am in favour of that idea, you cant let this take over your life completely in every week of the year and if you are out of your normal routine it can be impossible - when you don't have control over what your food choices are you do sometimes have to write it off and move on... but when I see people doing it week after week, and others telling them to,  it makes me see red! 

How can you possibly learn to adopt a new healthy lifestyle and better attitude to food if all you do is keep starting again each time you make a mistake without trying to understand and repair that mistake? To me, that seems about the same as setting out to walk to work and then turning round and starting all over again from home every time you have to take a side step due to someone getting in your way when what you should do is accept that you got held up a little and move forward at a speed that means you are able to make up at least some of the lost time... clumsy comparison I know, but you get the idea...

As far as I can see if you know you are just going to ignore going over your points for days, or even weeks at a time without any comeback then you haven't actually changed anything, all that means is that you then sometimes have a good week by mistake! There is no incentive at all to stay on track if you arent going to have to work harder to correct it if you do lose the path along the way.. 

Not sure I get that at all, and to be honest, i really wouldn't want to...


  1. Holy cow... I think that you have just unwittingly stumbled upon the great question. How do we do that?

    You know... the best answer I have is "goal". Not sure that it is a real good one, because I struggle with this EVERY DAY!!!

    I am going to subscribe to your blog because I want to see what everyone else has to say- but that is my best guess.

    You see, I have to be working toward something (my goal- whether that be a weight, or a half marathon or whatever) not just away from something (being overweight).

    Once again... not sure that this is a good answer, but it is the best one that I have.

    Great post!!! Excelent post!!! Best post I have seen in a long time.



  2. hey there... thanks so much for the comment, and the praise :-)
    its nice to know the what I say is of use to someone else.
    Hope you are having a great week! xx

  3. Denial is a powerful thing. Some people pick up on it quicker than others. We may be striving for the same things, but some of us are further along in our journeys. And that's OK. Hopefully the denial will subside so that true growth and progress can be made.

  4. i thinks its fair to say the 'draw a line' plan is fantastic - in moderation. it just irratates the heck out of me when its every weekend that people 'draw a line'. i treat myself on wi day, but cut back during the week.

    i had a few sweets at work today i shouldnt have (it sucks having free samples on your till :( ) and ive just earned 6 bonus points on my Just Dance game to work them off.

    the trouble with constantly drawing a line is that you really dont make any progress, both psychologically and in your diet. if your forever drawing lines, and then complaining you dont lose weight/enough weight week to week then i really dont see how you can percieve anything else would happen?

    more food in + not enough cutting back/exercise = unhappy wi days for you :(


    that was a tad longer than i anticipated! lol x

  5. I've tried to answer this a couple of times, but each time I deleted...third time lucky eh?!

    I agree with you that 'draw the line' seems to be used almost parrot fashion, whenever someone has a wibble - but it (as you acknowledge) can be helpful in some instances.

    If I had stuffed up *really* badly, and someone told me to 'claw back' my head might be in such a bad place, that depriving myself further, could see me throw in the towel altogether (been there done that)....whereas 'drawing the line' isnt quite the 'permission to carry on stuffing up' it might seem, and neither is it 'permission to quit' - in fact for me it would be quite the opposite.
    If I had drawn the line, it doesnt mean I wouldnt be careful about what I was doing - if I was able to save points anywhere then I'd feel really good, and I'd be trying to do that subconsciously anyway.

    The mind is a very complicated instrument (mine is anyway!!!) - ya gotta find the right tune to play on it ;)

    btw - is it too late to sponsor you? Enjoy your swim, I know you are going to do everyone and yourself proud!