Thursday, April 08, 2010

Exercise in the USA! - Join the Challenge!

Anyone looking for a challenge to get them putting in a bit of extra movement for one day?  then look no further than Tony's 60 min Workout Challenge! ...  Tony is an amazing guy who has successfully lost over 200lbs and maintained it! ---  His Blog:  The Anti-Jared is well worth a read! 

He is asking as many people as possible to commit to doing 60 minutes of exercise on Tuesday, April 20th...

Anything Goes! . Running, Treadmill, Swimming, Cleaning, whatever....

If enough people commit to taking part then a great charity is going to get a lovely windfall : 
Full details on Tony's blog

Come on! you know you can do it! :-))


  1. Committed myself just a while ago... wow, that doesn't sound that good.

    I made a commitment.

  2. Woo woo! Everyone's got the FEEEVER.

  3. Rob, you definitely want to click that preview button next time LMAO! thanks so much for the comment, its always nice to see that I have new readers ..

    And Rachel, WOW, your blog has been such an inspiration to me that I feel like i've been visted by a Celebrity!! LOL ...

    Hope you are both having a great week! xx