Sunday, April 04, 2010

Week 11 Weigh-in Result, Birthday Jewellery Motivation & My First 'After' Pics...

I GOT MY 2LBS LOSS!!!!!!!  GO ME :-))))))))))))

that's a total of 2st of awful stuff gone for good!! I am so proud of me right now, 2010 really is going to be my year and I'm going to make the most of every minute of it :-)))

Yesterday was my birthday- I'm 29 with 10 years experience LOL!). I got a load of non-food related goodies as requested (mainly didn't want any chocolate easter tie-in bits that would have made this week really hard) - including the fantastic bells and whistles coffee maker from my in-laws that I asked for and fabulous smellies from my mum that smell like they should be for eating! I also netted a fair amount of cash so that will be getting added to my Scuba fund :-)

I also got a great extra prezzie from my wonderful hubby in the form of a leather Pandora Bracelet and it's first two charms, for my first two 1st losses - a rose for him for England and a thistle for me for Scotland, this was the theme for our wedding colour scheme, stationery and flowers and means a lot to me).
And to make it extra special he got me the pink one that is a special edition from which 15% of the purchase price goes to fund Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity - fits in nicely with the Marie Curie Cancer Care & Cancer Research UK sports events that I am doing this year!

All in all I had a fantastic day (week even!) with great family and friends and really don't mind having got just a year away from the big 4-o, well not much anyway *grin*

... And now for those Photos ..  these were taken at 25lbs down, and so I am going to keep adding new ones at each 10lb off mark.. I have added two old ones of me at my heaviest weight and can see the difference so its nice to know I'm not just imagining that I look better and that I relly have lost a lot of inches!  *lol*   Let me know what you think?

The Before Pics   (24st 7lbs)

The First 'After' Pics  (Taken March 2010 @ 22st 10lbs)


  1. looking good angie you have done so well and what a difference 2 stones has made to you keep up the good work stay positive you will get to goal xx

  2. wow hun you can really see the difference in losing 2 stone, keep up all the brilliant work your doing so well xx

  3. Well done and Happy Birthday! I am very jealous of your bracelet - can we see a picture please?

  4. congrats hun !I'm so prouds of you .luv ya.Carole Cerroxx

  5. Well done for achieving your 2lb loss this week - 2 stone in total is fantastic! Your photos really show the difference that 2 stone makes, life really is good :o)

  6. Thank you so much for the comments guys! :-))))))
    It's knowing that people are with me on this that keeps me honest and on track - I want to do well anyway, but knowing that I would have to come here and report to you guys if I screwed up makes that an even less appealing plan *lol*

    the best thing about these pics is that they were taken at 25lbs off, meaning that I have lost 3lb more than that already! :-))))

    Bryher, I will get a photo of my bracelet posted soon for you :-))

    Hope you have all had a great holiday weekend xx

  7. twit twooooooooooooooooooooo!!

    check out that waist! :)

    x x x x

  8. Hahaha!! thanks Mel.. hope you are having a great day! xx