Monday, April 19, 2010

Trouser Trouble - But in a good (but expensive!) way...

I'm Happy Happy Happy Today ... I am also slightly deranged apparently but i'll get to that in a min!

Happy Reason #1 :  I put on a pair of trousers today that I bought only 9 weeks ago... then they fit at the waist and were a little tight on my legs so I put them away to go back to in a few weeks... But the news today is that I left them a bit too long..  they are now loose on my legs and there is 3 inches (yep count 'em! 3!!) of empty space between me and the waist band... they are too big to wear without a safety pin! I can pull them easily on and off without undoing the button, clip or zip! LMAO!!   I knew I had lost a decent amount of inches but I didnt realise what a really BIG difference that had made till now .. Its Fabulous! 

Happy Reason #2 : I have finished counting everything up, and it turns out that I made over the £400 mark for my swimathon sponsorship!  Not too shabby at all! :-)

Happy Reason #3 : I am fully back on track this week (not famous last words, I hope!). I knew that I was finding last week hard because I was stressed about the swimathon! but until I had it done I hadnt realised just how bad it was... I couldnt get on track with the munchies at all last week and now I am focused and back getting jiggy with it! ... gonna get that 10% and 2.5st off this Sunday.. mark my words! :-))))

and, bet you want to know about the deranged bit huh?    well try this for size...  I got my daughter up for school today, was really pleased with myself for being organised early and getting her out the door at 8.25am so that we could have a nice calm walk instead of the usual scramble...  then, got to the school and discovered that... em... they don't actually start back till tomorrow! *blush* 

ok, you can laugh now! xx


  1. Deranged huh? Welcome to my world! Yup, that definitely raised a chuckle - whats the betting you oversleep tomorrow now ;o)

    Excellent news about the trousers, and wonderful news about the swimathon - I did comment yesterday, but the message seems to have vanished into the ether!
    KI am so chuffed for you - WELL DONE! xx

  2. oooh - no idea where that K came from!!!

  3. Thanks Debs :-) I will have to drag myself out of bed tomorrow probably LOL

    I am so happy to have done the swimathon and raised a decent amount for a great charity, but so happy too that its over as getting nervous about it was seriously messing with my nojo ! :-)

    Hope you are having a good day! xx