Thursday, April 08, 2010

Damn that Food Network! & Can anyone recommend a good conditioner? ...

So, last night I was home alone and so decided to indulge in a little Porn.. emm FOOD PORN that is -- honest, it what the program was called LMAO!! It was a No Reservations Special with Anthony Bourdain in case you're interested ..

Now, I watch a lot of food programmes, always on the look out for inspiration.. but this particular one was a mistake on a night where I already had the munchies :-(  I watched most of it fine, but it got to a bit where they were making a proper grilled ham and cheese sandwich and I just had to have one - so I did - with full fat cheese as I didnt have any half-fat left!   the result you ask?   between that sandwich and the other bits I picked at last night I am now 10.5pts in the RED! :-(((  
With 3 days to go till WI I'm sure I can claw it back, but i just dont feel in control this week and its so annoying :-( 

In other news, I hate Chlorine!  Its destroying my hair :-((  has anyone else found a good shampoo/conditioner for this issue? if so please share?  The best one I have at the moment is the Elvive Re-Nutrition but even that isnt so great when i'm in the pool 2 days in a row ...

go on, post a comment, you know you want to ;-)


  1. try something from the trevor sorbie range. Its not the cheapest you will find (nor the most expensive), but it is exellent. Boots usually has a 3 for 2 offer on, which helps if you are counting pennies.


  2. Thanks!! I'll give that a try.. my hair is getting worse by the min lol ..hope you are having a great week! xx