Monday, April 05, 2010

Think I Cracked Easter!

Well,  the Easter Holiday long weekend is about to end and I have finished it with a ww recipe Lasagne and a 40 minute session at the gym! I really enjoyed both of these things!

Writing these words down is starting to make them seem real, but I still can't believe the difference in my life in just a few weeks.  At the end of last year I was in a serious blue phase, I was bored, stressed, unhappy about my weight and my health and really not sure where I was heading or how to make any of it better.
I spent christmas with my family in Scotland, and I really have no idea what happened in my head but after a few days of eating anything and everything I found myself absolutely disgusted about the way I was acting and the way I felt! By the time we got to my in-laws in Wales for new year I knew that something drastic had to happen and that I needed to make a change. In January we joined a health club as a family and none of us have looked back since :-)

I honestly thought easter would be tricky, I love chocolate, but I suddenly realised, in what felt like being hit by lightning! that the saying about nothing tasting as good as being thin feels is about the truest thing I have ever heard...

and It really does feel truely Fantastic!!

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