Friday, April 02, 2010

I Beat that Birthday Blow-out!

I'm feeling very proud of myself today, I am sitting here at 24 hours post the start of my birthday blast off night at La Tasca and I have still got 4 saved points squirrled away :-)))  The details are a little fuzzy, but suffice to say a great time was had by all! 

Getting my pool time in today (and also for the gym on Monday) is posing a bit of a challenge due to early closing at the club for the easter weekend, but I am still going to get an hour under my belt this evening and stay on track for the week... I can practically taste that 2lb loss that will get me to my 2 stone lost point and i'm hanging onto it with both hands LOL

Over the last few days I have been giving a lot of thought about where I want to be at in 6 months time, not just from a number on the scale point of view but also in terms of what new experiences I have been able to have and what progress I have made towards my longer-term health and fitness goals. I think that I need to set myself a couple of longer term challenges that can be adjusted to suit as I progress and will be interesting enough to keep me focused.  I already have one in place in the form of a 12 month challenge I set myself last month to swim the distance of the widest part of the Red Sea (350km). This one means a lot to me as the Red Sea is the first place I want to go Scuba diving so this challenge feels like a real step on the way to that goal :-)  To go with that I think I need a longer challenge to work towards in the gym and maybe also one that involves somethng more real world that I can work on as a change to formal working out at the club - this would be great for over the summer when I won't want to be inside so much.

Will need to have a think about these, any suggestions would be very welcome :-)

Happy Easter!  xx


  1. Best of luck this week for your 2lb loss I am sure you can do it!

  2. go you!! your doing great!

    i like to walk in the summer, and at the height of my fitness (ha ha ha ha - i made a funny) i'd walk to the gym, work out at the gym for an hour - walk on to work, work my shift then walk home? maybe incorporate lots of walking? *shrugs* :) x

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies :-)

    Daisy, I think with all the days of moving points around and the extra exercise i think I have actually messed a loss up .. going to wi for the definite result on sun morning, but did a sneaky one (yeah i know, bad idea!) last night and got a sts .. guess I can wait another week to reach the 2st :-)

    Mel, walking to my gym would be ok.. its about 2 miles.. but on the way back its up a steep hill for the last mile.. in the heat i would need paramedics on stand-bye LMAO!! I am thinking about giving the badminton a try early than I planned, as they have outdoor courts as well as indoor, but not sure my knees will be up to the challenge .. will give it another month and then have a try! xx