Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Swimathon postmortem, with a side of chocolate chips ...

Or the road to hell is NOT paved with gold! well not unless its gold foil wrapped choc chip cookies!

Over the last half dozen weeks I have woken up most mornings with some swimming related thought in my head, and so now that the swimathon is over I feel a little lost - and the down side of that is that I am finding it harder and harder not to fill that hole with the aforementioned cookies :-(  I have been doing well with my eating since Saturday night but have gone off the rails a little today with those blasted cookies and will be ending today at 5pts over!

Its not such a bad result, as I will be able to ease back into the black over the next few days, but it is really frustrating to be on week 14, have seen so many great changes in myself, to have achieved a lot and to look and feel so much better... and worse to know that these things will continue to get better still if I can stay on plan ... and then still not have the willpower to get it together over something as stupid as a biscuit (and I am having serious deja vu here as I am pretty sure I wrote almost those exact same words on another post) 

Note to Self: STOP BUYING BISCUITS!  it seems I have to as I can't seem to leave the bloody things in the cupboard :-(((

So, in order to provide a distraction I am setting myself a new challenge:
I already have ongoing distance swimming challenges via the ww boards and I plan to do my very best to meet (and even exceed) those each time I set a new one ... But, after seeing people swimming 5km on saturday I want to get there too...  So, from now on when I get to the pool I am going to try and do a little bit more each time - my ulimate aim is to be at a level next April, for swimathon 2011, where I can swim 5km without stopping (or at least close enough). At the moment the most I have swam in one session is 2km 925m (117 lengths) but this was with a lot of stops (albeit short ones).

I would be really be interested in how other people acknowledge their successes, or progress that they make?  I swam 2.5km, and I know that that is pretty damn good considering I couldn't manage 200m just 12 short weeks ago! and I am trying to give myself credit here but am finding that tough  ... I have real trouble accepting that when I have done something that it was good enough without thinking I should have done better still - case in point above where I really wish I had been able to swim the 5km instead and I feel a bit deflated about that despite the huge amount of progress that I know I made in order to do the 2.5km ...

I know that I really have to work on this or I am never going to be happy with what i achieve which in the end will hinder my progress to get where I want to be...

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  1. oooh this post is fascinating and really hits home for me, i always strive for more than i can i do, and never feel ive done good enough when ive achieved something.

    for example, last year i did race for life - walked it and finished in less than an hour - barely - but at the same time i was one of the last to finish and was pretty embarassed by that and was so peeved (notice the clean up of language) that i was one of the last that i truly didnt thing id done well. i intended to do it this year, but my floating knee cap/arthitus made me think i need to get more weight off before i do it again.

    it even now comes in to play when i lose weigh each week but think i should have lost more - what i will say is you need to be careful with this, its a self destructive path and is the major contributor to why im still on this blasted diet and not much lighter than when i started my blog (well, a few stones lighter - but still)

    maybe you should take on a reward chart concept - like, right ive swam 2.5 km without stopping? i deserve a treat - a new top? ge your nails done? i dunno - whatever floats your boat, a new book? same at 3km, 4km, and 5km.

    other than that all i can say is is this;

    i would like to reinforce the fact that i think your a true wonderwoman, a swimming machine - and a true inspiration to all :)

    peace out x